The Dos and Don’ts of Knee Pain

Whether you have sustained an injury from a recent accident or if you are suffering from any pain due to arthritis there are certain things that you should remember to avoid and so as not to encourage their albums or further the injury. There are also a few things that you should remember to do in order to manage your pain.

Continue with activity that you can tolerate and exercise as we quickly as you can. Cardio exercises are suggested in order to strengthen the muscles that carry the weight of your knees. Cardio exercises not only strengthen the muscles allowing for more confident movement it also increases your flexibility. In addition to these stretching, it’s also very important to strengthen the muscles that surround the joints will not only allow you better mobility it will also curb the massive pain that patients who have arthritis endure.

When you experience any knee pain from an arthritis flare up or one that is caused by an injury, remember to give yourself a rest. You should then apply ice to the affected area so as to reduce swelling and inflammation. To prevent further pain, use a compression bandage and elevate the leg in order to recover from the flare up; if absolutely needed do not hesitate to use a cane, a crutch or a walking aid to take some of the stress off of the knee when in motion.

Aside from walking aids people with arthritis can also utilize braces and splints to keep their balance while walking or when standing. When the knee is unstable or in pain, there is a higher likelihood for the person to fall and cause more damage to the knee area. Avoid these risks of falling by ensuring that your home is equipped with handrails on staircases. If you need to reach for something that is situated at a high-level it is best to use a sturdy ladder or a footstool to help you do the job.

Be sure to be mindful of your footwear as it can make matters worse. If you have osteoarthritis or any sorts of arthritis for that matter make sure that you use cushioned insoles so that it reduces the stress on your ball joints knees and hips.

A woman separate from any form of arthritis should try to avoid using high heels as these can exacerbate the condition. So best to find the proper insole for your footwear it is advise that you speak to a physical therapist or your specialist about what sort of insoles they recommend.

In the event of an injury use of cold pack to Isa swelling and to numb the pain of the injured area. You may utilize a frozen bag of peas or a bag filled with ice. apply the, wrapped in soft cloth, ice pack to the localized affected area for about fifteen to twenty minutes three to four times each day. Switch it out by taking a warm bath or applying a warm towel or heating pad to the area for about 15 to 20 minutes as well 3 to 4 times daily in essence you want to alternate cold and hot compresses in order to ease the swelling.

Your doctor therapist and physical trainer will advise you against taking up any high impact exercises which can ensure you further and cause worst damage and pain. Jarring exercises including kickboxing, jumping rope, leaping from a high place, running, Lunges and deep squats are high impact exercises that create a lot of stress and put a lot of pressure on an individual‘s knees. Not only do these high impact exercises cause more stress to the knees were sent to pain it can also cause further injury.

The symptoms of arthritis are different in one person to the next. Each individual go through a variety of indications and symptoms that is not necessarily experienced by other arthritic patients. Therefore it is absolutely imperative that you had out and see a doctor in order to get properly tested and diagnosed. This will enable the doctor the recommend the proper medicine the correct exercise and any other walking aids that may be beneficial and helpful to the patient.

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