Living a Healthy Lifestyle with Arthritis

Arthritis is a common disorder that targets your joints. It causes pain and inflammation that burdens those who want to stay active or move, causing inconveniences and hardships in their everyday lives. Arthritis is commonly dealt with by our elders, but adults and even children can experience this too. However, we can still enjoy our everyday lives despite having to cope up with arthritis. Thus, we cover lifestyle changes you can incorporate in your life if you are one with arthritis, guaranteeing helpful outcomes and impactful changes.

Manage a Healthy Weight

A healthy weight is crucial in having great overall health, both inside and outside. It affects not just our physiology but our mental health. Moreover, it affects our joints. Joints can be strained and be stressed by carrying extra weight that can lead to wear and tear, being inflamed, stiffness that can worsen the pain you feel with arthritis. To manage your weight:

  • Regularly engage in exercising and physical activity, this will keep those stubborn fats away, making you a lot stronger, with minimizing arthritis pain.
  • Eat a healthy balanced diet. Load your diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, eat whole foods as often as you can. Do not snack on unhealthy foods. 
  • Get your daily dose of vitamin C. Vitamin C is great for fighting inflammation in our body. 
  • Quit drinking alcohol. Alcohol does harm, with very little good if you want to enjoy it with your friends, but it does backfire hard and create more problems, it has lots of calories as well. 

Manage your stress, and take care of your mental health

Feeling stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed by arthritis pain that you are feeling will only worsen the pain you are feeling. And it will rob you of the opportunity to take control of your life, such as making lifestyle changes because your mind is occupied already. To manage stress, pay attention to your breathing and just let pain be, take a step back and relax if you are currently in pain, journal your worries out, then take charge of your life by taking your medication and making every day meaningful, active, and full of healthy choices. 

Discover your strengths.

This will look like using your strongest muscles and joints in everyday activities. For instance, to protect your hands and wrist joints, when opening a push open heavy door, do so by pushing the side of your arm or shoulder. When dealing with stairs, you would want your stronger leg leading you up, and your weaker leg leading you down. 

Simplify your life

This will look like cutting down unnecessary activities that use your joints frequently. Also, organizing things you need in the most convenient place near you and within your reach. 

If you have the means, upgrade on labor-saving items or automated items.

This will look like having an electric can opener, vacuum, blender, or anything that will cut down unnecessary scrubbing, bending, stooping, or reaching. If you do not have the means, ask for help around the house. 

Opt for adaptive equipment

This can help you extend your reach therefore minimizing joint stress and strain. This will make your life easier. Examples are reachers, dressing aids, grabbers, etc. 

Try gentle yoga

Yoga is a great body awareness exercise, which can help in improving one’s balance, coordination, and posture, as well as strengthening muscles and reducing arthritis pain especially in the lower part of your body. 

Cut down the intake of these foods 

  • Those foods with added sugar. Candy, Ice cream, soda. Opt for healthier alternatives because these foods can actually worsen your arthritis symptoms. 
  • Processed and red meats. Diets that are heavily on these two are found to have high inflammatory markers that are a risk factor in arthritis. 
  • Gluten-containing foods. Several researchers have found that gluten is related to increased inflammation and going gluten-free in result will have your arthritis at ease and manageable. 
  • Highly processed foods. Process foods look like fast food, cereals, and baked goods are to be found high in refined grains, added sugar, flavoring and preservatives that worsen arthritis. Much worse, is your overall health, this also aids in weight gain that we are avoiding.
  • Salty foods. Cutting on salt is great and advisable with those suffering from arthritis.

Keep a Positive Outlook in Life

There are times when arthritis might seem unbearable but you should not let those stop you from implementing changes and progress. Take it one day at a time, and surround yourself with a great support system. Get your health checked by your physician regularly and drink your prescribed medication as often as suggested. These two are always the right thing to do. 


Arthritis has its way to steal our joy and moments, but it does not mean it’s a hopeless chase. Adapt to these lifestyle changes and consistency will pay its way off. Remember that we are the product of our choices and healthy choices? are aiding a healthy version of ourselves. Take control of your life, and make every day, a way for you to become better, healthier, happier, and stronger. 

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